Be a Champ,
send a kid to science camp!

The Bass Lake Education Foundation is sponsoring the fourth annual BLUSD 6th Grade outdoor science camp and we need your help. Over the past five years we have provided full or partial scholarships to dozens of low income mountain area kids, apprx. 20-30% of each 6th grade class. With your help we can make the trip a success again this year.

Full Sponsorship for One Child: $181.00
*Any Amount Appreciated!

In partnership with Bass Lake Unified School District, we are committed to sending all 6th graders to camp. No child will be excluded due to an inability to pay.

Your Contribution is tax-deductible. Tax ID 26-4494390.

Be a Science Camp Champ! Sponsor a kid!

The cost for this phenomenal, 4-day trip to Green Meadows Outdoor School in Fishcamp is $181.00 this year. That’s four days and three nights of field science, sleeping in cabins, learning outdoor survival skills and fostering a sense of community with your teachers and peers.


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